WHAT? Brunch with Diable x Sumosan Twiga

WHEN? Every Saturday!

WHERE? Sumosan Twiga, Knightsbridge

WHY? Brunch and party, is that not a good enough reason?

HOW MUCH? £££££

Didn’t get enough from your Friday night?


Come down here for some brunch AND party. That’s right, you’ve heard us. Ever done that before? Oh because when we say party we mean PARTY and Diable London is taking care of that. You might have attended a few of their parties in the past: champagne flowing from start to finish, great DJs spinning some tunes to get their crowd in the mood, and most importantly, amazing party people....they sure know how to host a good event.





Every Saturday, they host a brunch party at the so famous Sumosan Twiga in the trendy area of Knightsbridge!





Sumosan Twiga is an amazing restaurant, bar and club that serves the best of Italian and Japanese dishes. Interesting mix? Yeah but definitely two of our favourites!!! You can check out their menu by clicking here. Additionally check out our reviews of some of our other top brunch recommendations by clicking here and selecting bottomless brunch or click here and select bottomless brunch to see our top 10 bottomless brunch bars in London.



  So, here’s the program:


12.00 – 14.00: The brunch takes place, expect some of the best bufala mozzarella, amazing pasta dishes, fresh seafood, tasty gyozas and all of the two national culinary’s favourites!

14.00 – 17.00: This is when things get interesting. You’ve had some amazing food so can’t help yourself to be in the best mood ever. You haven’t even realised but your champagne glass has magically never been empty so by the time you’re done with the food the bubbles have rose. The DJ has already started his work by progressively getting the sound system louder.

By the time we hit 15.00, the whole room is buzzing: people have started letting loose and showing their best dance moves whilst the champagne is continuously on the go.



How much?


Whilst this might be a little more pricey than your standard Saturday brunch, you will not be disappointed by the party that these guys are throwing. In short, this is a high-end day party with luxury food and drinks: you get exactly what you pay for!



We hope you enjoy the party, we sure will.



Don’t forget to tag us on instagram if you attend @viva_app and special mention to @diablelondon !



Happy Brunch !



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