WHAT? Saint Patrick’s Day

WHEN? 16-18th march

WHERE? From Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square

WHY? To celebrate London Irish

HOW MUCH? £-£££££



What is happening?


It’s that time of the year again… For the 16th time, London will be celebrating a non-English national day. And what’s even more surprising is that we will be celebrating –again and again and for many years to come- the Irish. Who would have known a few decades ago that such a big event was going to be happening in the center of our beloved and favourite English city!?





Well the reason why it’s still happening and it’s sooo successful is purely because that involves (a lot) of what the English and Irish have in common. Drinking. Beer. Drinking beer is what’s happening on Saint Patrick’s day, and not on a ‘moderation’ level. Noo, that would be way too soft to celebrate the Irish in England. When you reunite both nations for a non-sports event, they come together (for once) and it becomes a celebration: all you can hear is ‘beer’, all you can see is ‘beer’, all you can sing is ‘beer’ and we love that!


The bonus is that it is a themed event, and we all know that that too is something that appeals to both nations: green is the theme of course which is accompanied by pints of Guinness. So if you’re considering attending the march this year, make sure you put on your best Irish outfit and be ready to get a lot of Guiness’ down you – all without eating as the British love saying ‘eating is cheating’. Well that’s completely up to you, we shall not be responsible for any ‘Rale Bulgarian’/ ‘bolloxology’ or topsy-turvy!





So what’s the ‘craic’? There will be the usual parade starting at 12pm from Piccadily – and if you want to start earlier you can head down to the biggest Irish pub in London that will be celebrating big time: Waxy O’Connors- all the way up to Trafalgare Square where everything will have been transformed: a huge stage, Irish flags, performers, a lot of green and of course Guinness! See more information by clicking here.


So, even if you’re not a fan of St Patrick’s Day, embrace it for the love of the party! Over 125,000 Londoners will be reuniting to celebrate the Emerald Isle but most importantly to just have one big fat day-party on the streets of London. Can we say this is the start of the festival/ carnival season? Not quite, but it’s the first big street event of 2018! Cheers to the party days coming back!



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Happy Saint Patrick's day!



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