WHAT? Rooftop Astronomy

WHEN? Once a month

WHERE? The Culpeper’s Greenhouse (Spitalfields)

WHY? To celebrate Nicholas Culpeper, a famous 17th century astrologer






In honour to their namesake, The Culpeper pays tributes to Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654) a very well known English botanist, herbalist, physician and astrologer who died at Spitalfields in 1654, hence the name, location and theme of this famous gastro pub. For quite a few years already, they have been organising incredible stargazing events once a month to remember this important man and it seems extremely promising.




Science geeks, romantics or simply inquisitive, that evening will sweep you off your feet all the way to Mars and Saturn! Quite literally. The evening will start by biodynamic wine tasting, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this term it just means that the wines are made using biodynamic agriculture to grow the fruits (essentially using the moon’s orbit). It will be accompanied by a beautiful main course spread on the 1st floor by the kitchen.


The next step is where it all becomes even sexier. You are taken to the rooftop greenhouse where astronomy expert Seb Jay will be teaching you a few things about the cosmos that are important to know prior to the stargazing. You will then be taken outside where you will be kept warm thanks to glasses of pulcinella whilst observing a couple of nebulae (a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky), star clusters, Mars and Saturn through some highly technological Dobsonian telescopes!


What if?


Right, this all sounds too good and we know you’re all a bit concerned about weather conditions in London. Do not worry, The Culpeper always has a backup plan, but this will be for you to discover if it comes to it.


What now?


We recommend booking as soon as the tickets are out each month as they get sold out very quickly. You can register to get notifications so that you are the first one to book. Click here to book some tickets. We highly recommend you to go ahead and experience it; it is one universe of a journey and a night to remember! You can also click here to read our review of The Culpeper and  click here to see more cool things to do in London and browse by date!


Our tip....


Small piece of advice for all you romantics out there: no need for some wacky lines on this one, he/ she will be impressed no matter what. Anyhow, not sure competing against Seb Jay is a good idea!


Don’t forget to tag us on instagram if you attend @viva_app and special thanks to @theculpeper !


Have a great one and let us know how your trip to Mars and Saturn was!






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