London, famous for its crazy sense of fashion: from goth to punk, from retro to vintage, from chic to hipster... London's nightlife has been able to match with all different types. Here, we focus on the baggy vintage shirts, the round glasses, polaroid pictures, interesting socks and old school vans. Can you guess who? Oh! Yes this is a stereotype and yes we are joking. However we did come up with a list of 'hipster bars'. Check out our list below, additionally  click here and select hipster bars to see the complete list of bars we have reviewed and click here and select hipster bars to see our top hipster bars in London.



Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge


Morrell House, 98 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AF

As the venue is hidden away and not very well known it can be a hit and miss on what the crowd will be like. We have been there when it is absolutely kicking on a Friday night and also when we were the only group in the venue. If you have good company and fancy trying some interesting cocktails in a cool quirky venue then this is the place for you. Click here to see our review of Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge.



 All Star Lanes


95 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL

All Star Lanes is an activity bar that will guarantee you a good time. We started off our evening with some beers and burgers in their dining area. As any American dinner, we were sat in one of their leather booths. The food was great, the beers were good but most importantly the place was buzzing. Click here to see our review of All Star Lanes.



 Monty’s Bar & Lounge


149 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB

As soon as you enter Monty’s, you just know you’re on Brick Lane but just an indoor version of it. It’s a continuity of the street art but in a bar giving it a very quirky vibe. The wall art changes every so often, the low sofas and tables are in accordance with the laid-back ambiance. Split in 2 rooms, this graffiti bar reminds us of a Deutsch coffee shop and we love it. Click here to see our review of Monty's Bar & Lounge.



 The Breakfast Club


12-16 Artillery Ln, London E1 7LS

Usually bright yellow, The Breakfast Club restaurants stand out. This one however, is slightly different, we’re not 100% sure why but we might have an idea. This one here is all about mystery, first of all it is located on a very small street behind the hustle and bustle of Spitalfields market. You won’t just walk past it randomly on your way to the market. You need to know where it is to actually get there. Once in, this one is just like all of its siblings: american diner type of decor: vinyl tables and chairs, grid wall with polaroids and post-it notes, small booths and brick wall. Click here to see our review of The Breakfast Club.



The Hoxton Pony


104-108 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH

The Hoxton Pony is a perfect place if you are looking for a party vibe in Shoreditch. The venue hosts themed events such as “Rock the bellies hip hop night” so its always worth checking out what’s on before going. We have had a fun time at this bar and it’s one of our favourite party bars in the area, however the place can get extremely busy and if you arrive too late expect a one in one out policy. Click here to see our review of The Hoxton Pony.



 Magic Roundabout


Old Street Roundabout, London, EC1Y 1BE

With it being an outdoor bar, you’d think this venue is only open certain times of the year in London? No. The Magic Roundabout is open all year round and attracts thousands of Londoners and tourists every week. Open Wednesday to Sunday, people seem to have this one on their bucket lists! Every single wall is covered with different paintwork giving it a very colourful, attractive and instagram-worthy bar! Click here to see our review of Magic Roundabout.





83 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY

Cargo is very famous for its late nights hosting some of the best DJs in town. The main room resembles our tube stations: arched walls, bare brick, not much decoration but an impressive sound system and clearly,that is all that matters for their raves! There are other rooms for a more chilled out night, where you can sit down and enjoy your drinks and some music. Neon lights everywhere with indisutrial design: visible extractor and pipes on the ceiling. Cargo attracts a  trendy crowd all across London, mainly students thanks to their friendly prices. Click here to see our review of Cargo.





19 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ

Dinerama is a cool street food arena, you have to pay a very small entrance fee to then enjoy all the foods and drinks in the World. Set on 2 levels, they have a maximum capacity of 1000 and it’s pretty safe to say that they basically reach that every time they are open so from Thursday to Saturday. Tourists and locals seem to love coming here with groups of friends to share different foods and drinks. the downstairs part is the ‘street food’ part. With wooden tables in the middle, it can get a little tricky finidng some space. Click here to see our review of Boisdale of Dinerama.



The Big Chill


Dray Walk, E1 6QL

The Big Chill is a Burger joint, a pub, a bar… It fits into quite a few different categories and it is always very lively. Day time, we’ll classify it as a pub. Most people will enjoy a beer and a burger on their small outdoor terrace whilst watching stylish people walk by, other will be working inside in their leather armchairs with a latte. As soon as the clock hits 6pm people come out of work and meet up with their friends for a few more beers, wine or gin & tonics. From then, this place gets busier and busier with groups of people getting food or snacks until the live music kicks off. Click here to see our review of The Big Chill.



Queen of Hoxton


9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

The Queen of Hoxton owns a big corner house and their venue spreads over 3 floors. The ground floor is usually quiet until Thursdays, whilst they’re Moroccan themed rooftop starts getting a crowd mid-week! With events happening almost every day such as live gigs, stand-up comedies, organised games and live DJs, this place is never empty. 3 floors, 3 ambiances: the ground floor gives us more of a pub/ busy bar kind of vibe whilst the basement is purely for the ‘big’ parties. Hundreds of Londoners meet up in that room every week to enjoy a bit of grooving with their raving partners. The rooftop is reserved for some chilled vibes around the fire pits or in the big Morrocan tent. Click here to see our review of Queen of Hoxton.





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