WHAT? Junipalooza

WHEN? 9th and 10th June

WHERE? Tobacco Dock

WHY? World Gin Day!




 What is this!?


Did we just hear, gin day!? YESS. This 2018, World Gin Day is on Jne 10th, but because one day is not enough for the crazy amount of gin lovers out there, Junipalooza have dedicated 2 days to World Gin Day and we think that’s just great! Now you must be thinking what the hell does Junipalooza came from. Easy. ‘Juni’ is the abbreviation for Juniper which are the berries used to make certain Gins. Palooza which means a party, celebration or festival – even better! Junipalooza, a crazy gin event at Tobacco Dock, where multiple different gin samples will be served. We want it and we want it now!



What's the crack?


One ticket will give you unlimited access to gin samples in which over 60 gin brands will be represented. So if you have a favourite gin, you can be sure you will find it there! They serve the sample neat or with some tonic. The bonus? You also get to learn a lot about gin by attending (if you want) some talks and masterclasses. Admit it, after 9 or 10 samplings, it should be fun! The challenge will be to remember what you’ve learnt. Get your ticket by clicking here.



The bonus?


In addition to this you will also have access to the shop where you can buy bottles to bring back home. We don’t advise you to drink them there, besides you really don’t need that!


Jokes aside, this is a great opportunity to learn about your favourite spirit whilst getting (slightly) merry. If you want to browse more cool events happening in London click here or just go in our 'Things To Do' category at the top of this page!


We hope you’ll have a great World Gin Day and that you’ll be celebrating just how you should!


Don’t forget to tag us on instagram if you attend @viva_app and special mention to @junipalooza!









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