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The Setting

The wood panelled floors, tables and bar instantly add a note of class to the venue.  The bar is based on Mr William M. Barker – a wine and brandy merchant from the 1800s who lived in the basement that they have now turned into a bar. WM Barker and Co offer various events alongside their evenings, like murder mystery nights that we have heard are a good laugh. An important detail some don’t realise is that if you have table service there is an automatic service charge added – if you’d like to save your pennies then it’s best to order at the bar!

The Atmosphere

There is a quiet and cosy, laid-back atmosphere in WM Barker and Co, which is refreshing after a busy day in London. It’s quite classy, with the bartenders wearing bowties and suspenders, but we didn’t feel out of place in our casual wear. They play a lot of oldies music, which at first we thought didn’t suit the venue, but after we’d knocked back a couple cocktails we were feeling it more. The bartenders know their stuff, too! They made us cocktails specific to our individual desires. In short, this is a great place to have a couple of relaxed drinks.

The Drinks

WM Barker and Co offer impressive cocktails, with some weird flavours but the themes are fun and inventive. Their famous for making their cocktails with their own shrubs (a sweetened vinegar based syrup infused with fresh fruits, spices & herbs). They blend these shrubs with spirits to create a delicious cocktail suited to what you enjoy. We spoke with the bartenders about how we like our drinks and they obliged – it was great! The menu is also very fun, describing each cocktail with a reference to Will and his life. They also offer a wide range of seasonal local london beers as well as some from afar, and also an extensive list of wines. Some cocktails they have a 2 for 1 offer on, which makes it way more affordable, we’d suggest trying at least a couple of their funky concoctions before settling with this offer.



They Say

Mr William M. Barker, the eponymous founder of our infamous, secret, underground cocktail bar, is both a figure of past and present.  

Originally, Will was a wine and brandy merchant from the 1800s, he owned the building which in the basement we now, 200 years later, call home. In his younger years Will was, an academic, Victorian party boy and very much a gentleman about town. He would be surrounded by his famous friends and possessions of the finest quality, he was nothing less than the Beau of Bishopsgate, and for us, that’s who he’ll always be.

Today, we are ever aware of Will’s presence and he lives on in our shrub cocktail collections, in the secret underground bar itself, and through his captivating team; Will’s kid’s, as they are known by all around. So if you ever hear us talking about Will, or Will’s place, you’ll now know who we are talking about.

So don’t be a stranger, join us, cocktails will always be waiting for you here.

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